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Student Stories

Angus Farquhar

Angus did Study Abroad at Massey University

During my second year at the University of Dundee I began investigating the possibility of studying overseas. I have always been fascinated by politics and I felt I would have an even stronger degree after experiencing higher education in two different countries and universities.

I was keen to study in New Zealand because there was no language barrier to overcome with the teaching of my classes. I am also an avid rugby player and the opportunity to play at a premier level in New Zealand with the University rugby club was really enticing.

Massey University offered a wide variety of modules that catered to my interests both in the fields of history and politics. The two semesters I spent studying at Massey were a direct replacement of my third-year studies at the University of Dundee. It was perfect because it meant I did not have to re-sit or drop a year on my return to Scotland.

The quality of teaching at Massey was a very high standard universally across every course I took. The lecturers were passionate and engaged, and this helped motivate me to achieve great results in my assessment. I also really enjoyed the smaller class sizes at Massey, and it was easy to communicate with lecturers and have open discussions in class. This was a huge positive compared to the overwhelming lecture theatres in the United Kingdom.

My time at Massey was an incredible opportunity to see the best of what New Zealand has to offer while meeting some fantastic people along the way. New Zealand is a very welcoming place, and everyone made an extra effort to make sure I was settled into the kiwi way of life. There are some awesome experiences to explore the natural beauty of this incredibly friendly country, and a road trip around the South Island is something I will never forget.