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What can I study?

New Zealand and Australian universities offer courses in a huge range of subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level, from bachelors degrees through to masters (by coursework or research) or PhDs.

The range of subjects available to study at Australian and New Zealand universities is huge. Almost any subject you can study at university in the UK will be offered by at least one university in Australia or New Zealand, and you’ll also have the option of studying subjects that are not widely available here, including tropical marine biology, Antarctic studies, maritime archaeology, sports psychology and indigenous history and culture.

While many of the subjects are the same, be aware that the content or emphasis might be different. Australian and New Zealand universities will offer a different perspective on subjects such as history, literature, politics and international relations, and often have a greater focus on Asian languages, culture and business than on European affairs as a result of their location and economic and cultural ties in the Asia-Pacific region.

Anyone studying natural or life sciences – botany, zoology, marine biology and so on – should expect to study very different flora and fauna, much of which will be unique to Australasia, while those studying creative subjects such as music and fine art are likely to be exposed to different influences and ideas than those studying the same subject in the UK.

Click on a subject area below for more information. To request a full list of the courses available in your area of interest please contact Study Options. Each course list gives full details of course content and structure, academic entry requirements, specific tuition fee costs and any applicable application deadlines.

Subject Areas

Animals and Land

Architecture, Building and Construction

Arts, Humanities and Languages

Creative Arts, Design and Media

Economics, Commerce, Business and Management

Education and Teaching


Health Sciences (Academic)

Health Sciences (Professional)

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

Information Technology and Computer Science

International Relations and Development Studies

Law and Criminology

Marine, Environment and Renewable Energy


Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine



Social Work and Counselling

Sports and Exercise Science