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Scholarships and Funding

The options for financing overseas study are currently limited. At the moment the UK and Irish governments do not give grants of any kind for international study, and it is NOT possible to use a UK student loan to fund a course overseas (unless that course is considered to be an integral part of a UK degree). Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will not be eligible for student loan schemes in Australia or New Zealand.

Provided your course meets Immigration requirements you will be allowed to work while on a student visa, but you are limited to 20 hours per week during term time (you can work as much as you like during university holidays). Part time work can be a big help with living costs, but it is rarely enough to contribute toward international tuition fees.

If you need a scholarship in order to study, please start researching your options as early as possible.

We recommend you look into funding before making an application for admission to a university, as scholarship application deadlines are often early and many require students to hold an offer of place from their chosen university before they are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Featured Scholarships

The majority of scholarships are offered by the universities themselves, so please visit their websites to see what’s available – scroll down the page and click on a university name to see a list of their scholarships. Study Options has done some of the legwork on this for you though – here, you will find details of the scholarship schemes that we think are the best options for UK and UK-educated students right now.

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General Scholarships – Australia

There are two general scholarship schemes available to students applying for study in Australia. These are usually restricted to students applying for postgraduate courses. Please note that all scholarships are extremely competitive, and very limited in number. You are strongly advised to investigate other sources of funding alongside these schemes, and not to rely on them as your only option. The most common source of scholarships for UK-based students applying at this time are the Australian and New Zealand universities themselves, and we would very much recommend you focus your efforts on their internal scholarship options.

The Northcote Graduate Scholarships, administered by the Britain-Australia Society. Applications close in late August for the following year’s study. Application forms are available from the Society, or from Study Options.

The Leverhulme Trust Postgraduate Study Abroad Scholarships are available to students who have been resident in the UK for at least five years and hold a UK bachelor degree. The are open to students studying overseas at postgraduate level and are not restricted by subject area. Applications generally open in September until mid-January.

General Scholarships – New Zealand

The New Zealand Department of Education has a scholarship finder tool, although not all the scholarships listed will be available to international students, check the terms carefully before applying.