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Before You Go

So you’ve got your university place all confirmed – now what?!

So you’ve finished the application process, decided which offer to go for, done your acceptance and are just waiting to get an Australian Confirmation of Enrolment or New Zealand Fees Receipt from your chosen university – now what?! Just a few last (important) things to organise, and you’ll be ready to get on that plane and start your overseas study adventure!

Here is a quick checklist of the things you need to arrange or think about now. As ever, if you have any questions, about any of the information here, don’t hesitate to contact Study Options.

Sort out a clear accommodation plan

Depending on what type of accommodation you want, you don’t necessarily need to have something formally booked before you leave the UK, but you do need to have a clear plan of what sort of accommodation you are going to get, and how and when you are going to get it. It’s really important to be prepared.

Please note – if you are a new undergraduate (Bachelors) student, we do STRONGLY recommend that you have your accommodation planned, booked and confirmed before you leave home! Please contact Study Options if you need any help with organising accommodation.

Organise your insurance

(this is a mandatory visa requirement for both countries)

If you are going to Australia you will need to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover. You must have a valid OSHC policy in place before you can apply for your student visa for Australia. We recommend you check an independent provider to make sure the quote on your university or college offer letter is competitive and meets your individual needs. Please check Bupa. You can then buy a policy through their site, or go with the quote given by the university or college on your offer letter.

If you are going to New Zealand, the student health and travel insurance policies offered by the New Zealand universities are usually the best value option so, unless you have a specific concern or requirement, we’d recommend you go with the policy included on your offer letter.

Apply for your student visa

To apply for a student visa for Australia, please click here for starter information and guidelines and, once you are ready to start, please click here to begin the online student visa application process. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Study Options and ask to speak to Stefan!

To apply for a student visa for New Zealand, please click here for an overview, and here once you are ready to start your online visa application. If you have any problems, please contact Study Options and ask for Sarah.