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Study in Australia

Why study in Australia?

Population: 26,638,544

Size: 7,617,930 sq km

Major cities: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane

Australia is home to internationally prestigious, research-led universities, many of which are ranked among the best in the world. Universities undertake pioneering research in many fields, and their discoveries and academics are in demand by organisations ranging from NATO to NASA. Research excellence is key to ensuring quality undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities, as discoveries and knowledge filter down to inform all levels of university teaching. Read more in the Why Go? section.

Australian education system

The Australian education system is based on the British model and an Australian university qualification is recognised all over the world as being the direct equivalent of a qualification from a UK university. The strong similarities and recognition between the university systems in the UK and Australia is not just reassuring; it is key if you are hoping to study a professional degree – such as veterinary science, nursing, engineering, medicine, or social work overseas. Read the Life After University section for plenty of career success stories from our Australian university graduates.

Study Options is the official UK representative of 26 universities across the country’s eight states and territories. You can access the university profiles either by state in the menu at the bottom of this page, or view them all from University Profiles.

Choosing your course

There are thousands of courses that you can study in Australia, so whether you are an undergraduate embarking on your first degree, a postgraduate looking to gain more specialist knowledge in your subject area or are ready to study a PhD or research masters, there is a course for you. If you already have a clear idea of what it is you would like to study then please request a course list from Study Options. This will detail all the programmes available in your subject area as well as providing information about fees and admission requirements.

If you are still keeping your options open, then you might like to start your research by exploring the What Can I Study section which contains information about programmes by subject area, including specific details about which paths to choose if you are working towards a professional qualification such as medicine, engineering, nursing or veterinary science.

Going to university in Australia

Studying in Australia can be a uniquely different experience; its geography and culture present opportunities to study subjects that might be difficult to access at a UK university. Imagine learning how to treat an injured koala, researching the ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef or learning the science of wine!

We think that this is one of the most interesting aspects of choosing to study abroad and so we often profile these unique courses in the Featured Courses section.

With a population of almost 27 million, Australia is one of the most diverse and dynamic nations in the world, known for its laid back lifestyle, vibrant culture, exciting cities and spectacular landscapes.

What is studying in Australia like?

Australia’s major cities are consistently ranked among the best places in the world to live, work, and study. If you haven’t already been to Australia, then we think the best way you can learn about student life down under is to read some of our students’ stories.

Of course, there are always practicalities to consider. You will want to be sure you’ve got the best possible idea of how much your qualification will cost, what funding is available, where and how you will live, what visa you will need, and where to go if you run into any problems.

While you are working hard at university, don’t forget that Australia is also home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks including the breath-taking Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the majestic Uluru, historic Port Arthur in Tasmania, the Great Ocean Road and the Daintree Rainforest, so there is plenty to explore and keep you entertained in your free time. Contact Study Options now to start your journey to university in Australia… And don’t forget to send us a postcard!