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Student Stories

Anna-Marie Watson

Anna studied a Master of Teaching at the University of Sydney

What does your job involve?
I support a diverse range of clients to embed sustainable healthy performance at the heart of their business. I love to take coaching conversations outdoors for walking and talking sessions and find this significantly enhances both the process and outcome. I also facilitate experiential workshops around performance, transition and leadership working with a range of public and private sector clients. Alongside my professional coaching career, I’ve a serious ultra-running habit and regularly compete on the international Ultra Trail World Tour series.

How did your studies support your current career?
In a nutshell, the Masters in Teaching qualification gave me a solid grounding in the theory and key skills behind learning and development. There are so many lessons that can be transferred from working with secondary students in an educational environment over to the arena of performance coaching and the corporate business world. The fundamentals of active listening, asking powerful questions, taking time to reflect or design actionable goals and building life skills such as confidence, courage and self-awareness all support the foundations of success within work and life. Alongside my study I established some amazing friendships with my University peers; I thoroughly enjoy being part of a wider global network and remained connected four years later to share ideas, knowledge and practice.