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Student Stories

Celine Clausen

Celine Clausen is spending a term studying at the University of Otago in New Zealand

“I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the incredible lifestyle offered here and the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. I knew there would be good waves but I had no idea that I would be paddling in the ocean alongside seals, sea lions and penguins!

“I live super close to campus and to the city centre, and I’m surrounded by students and good times. Only 15 minutes away are beautiful beaches, nature and wildlife. Everything is so close. It’s also easy to travel around the South Island from Dunedin and explore more of what New Zealand has to offer.

“Kiwis are the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve ever met and the University is no exception – I feel so welcome here. Campus is beautiful and lots of fun – all the students live super close and account for a large part of the population of Dunedin, internationals live beside locals – I can guarantee you’ll have a blast!

“Having smaller classes at Otago makes me really feel like I belong and am a part of the class – it also makes it easier and less intimidating to ask questions and get to know the lecturers. I have a really good relationship with my lecturers and I appreciate that they know my name and who I am. I feel they all want me to perform to the very best of my abilities and that they are happy to teach me and share their knowledge.”