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Student Stories

Haji Devakumaran

Studied at the University of Sydney

When I decided to do my Masters, the question was not the field, but more along the lines of where. Out of the various options around the world and after researching into the country, the weather, and job prospects; I knew Australia was the winner for me.

Choosing the right university was also one of my priorities. I wanted to pursue my Masters in a university that shares similar interests in the research field. I was captivated by the University of Sydney’s research progress in the fields of project management and leadership. My course timetable I have found to be very flexible to suit my needs, with options of studying modules in normal weekly mode, block mode or fully online mode. I also found approach to teaching course content to be holistic, very industry based and very current.

As well as a good educational support system for students, there is a vast array of opportunities at the University of Sydney for students to socialise and build their own support network. The student life is one of the best I have experienced. With around 200 societies and clubs, everyone is bound to find one they are interested in. I am one of the founding members of the Project Management Society, so I can safely say that making a new society is easy too.

Given the plethora of university options around the world, I’m pleased to say that I believe choosing to study my masters here at the University of Sydney is one of my best decisions. I must thank Laura Styles and Alexis Piper at Study Options for helping me make the decision. I found out about Study Options through the University’s website. I contacted Study Options wondering how much they would be able to assist, but I was impressed by the amount of support they provided. Laura was not only able to answer all my queries about the University of Sydney, but also about the other Australian and New Zealand options I was considering. Laura and Alexis at Study Options not only help me make an informed decision on university choice but also guided me all the way through from the start of the application process to deciding on accommodation, travel arrangements and arranging my visa. I would actively recommend Study Options to anyone considering Australia or New Zealand as their further study option.