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Student Stories

Helen Slater

Studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland

“When I was taking my AS levels and starting to think seriously about university life, I couldn’t shake the fantasy of studying abroad. I had spent my whole life in a small Sussex town, and the idea of living in sunny Australia was one that I couldn’t let go. I’d found the university of my dreams, the University of Queensland, online but I had no knowledge of how to get from the computer screen to the campus by myself. Study Options were integral to my university application and student visa process, from their Open Day in London to being just an email away whenever I had a problem.

“Taking the leap to move to Australia for my education is the greatest decision I have ever made. The people are friendly, and the required reading doesn’t seem such a challenge when you can take it with you to the beach.

“I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to study abroad to stay at a residential college on campus. International House has been a family and a real home away from home for almost three years. Almost everyone is away from their families for the first time, so there is always someone to talk to if you’re feeling homesick, or who will go travelling with you in the holidays. Best of all you can roll out of bed and straight into a lecture theatre – no waiting for the bus! College life has even allowed me to travel to Sydney and connect with other students from across Australia at the annual inter-college convention.

“I study a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English literature and writing. The weekly reading requirements can be challenging, but are also enjoyable and make for interesting conversation in tutorials. The Australian system of having elective subjects outside of your major has given me a more in-depth and varied education than any I would have received in the UK. This past semester I have been able to take a break from Australian literature to delve into religion in Ancient Greece, just because I can!

“If even the smallest part of your brain is thinking about studying abroad in Australia or New Zealand, I say do it. It’s been the greatest adventure of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”