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Student Stories

Tom Sparkes

Tom Sparkes is studying at the University as a Study Abroad student from the University of East Anglia

“I’m studying a mix of environmental units at UTas including wilderness management and natural resources management.

“I chose to come to Tasmania because the University has a great reputation for wilderness management and environmental studies due to Tasmania’s vast World Heritage wilderness areas.

“I arrived at the start of the first semester break. I was very excited to be in Tasmania and immediately started exploring the city and the surrounding hills.

“The University is fantastic with a huge number of very interesting course units on offer. I’ve found the teaching staff to be open and accommodating and the workload very manageable.

“I rent a room in a shared Tasmania University Union house. This seems the best way to play the accommodation thing as it is quite flexible and you can change houses if you don’t get on somewhere!

“In your spare time, the best option is to team up with some other students and buy or rent a car so you get out and about and see the real Tasmania. There are lots of clubs and societies here, though from my experience these are quite laid-back so you really need to get properly involved to get something out of them. I do a lot of rock climbing and bush walking, both of which have active clubs, but it’s also easy to get out and do this on your own with friends as there are a load of walks to do around Hobart.

“My advice for anyone thinking of studying here? Be proactive – Tasmania is laid back but not boring, it’s important to go out and find whatever’s going on. And there’s always plenty going on – it’s a stunningly beautiful place!”