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Health Sciences (Professional)

This is a broad group of courses based on one common theme – all are professional programmes, leading to qualifications which will enable you to work as a healthcare professional in your chosen field.

Courses that fall within this category include physiotherapy; nutrition and dietetics; optometry; occupational health science; pharmacy; medical imaging sciences (radiography); speech and language therapy; audiology and podiatry.

Australia and New Zealand offer professional courses at undergraduate (bachelors) degree level and, in some cases, at postgraduate level as well.

Bachelors degrees in professional health subjects are usually four years long. There are also ‘graduate entry’ options available to graduates of UK bachelors degrees who wish to become physiotherapists, podiatrists, nutritionists, occupational therapists or speech therapists. These courses usually require a minimum of two years full time study.

Australia and New Zealand have deservedly strong reputations for teaching and producing quality health professionals. Courses traditionally have a strong emphasis on practical training and professional placement throughout the programme of study, and are designed to produce job-ready graduates who are confident in clinical settings.

Professionals already working in their field or (in some cases) a related area can choose from a wide range of professional development masters, designed to give them advanced knowledge in a particular field.

Australia and New Zealand universities have a very strong reputation for physiotherapy and are a popular choice for UK-qualified physiotherapists who want to undertake Masters programmes in sports physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, manipulative physiotherapy, neuro-rehabilitation or cardiothoracics – as well as many other fields.

Postgraduate programmes are available to study by coursework or by research.

Course List


Health and Medical (Professional)
Occupational Health
Speech Therapy
Dentistry and Oral Health


Occupational Therapy
Optometry and Orthoptics
Nutrition and Dietetics
Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Physiotherapy – professional development
Graduate Entry Physiotherapy
Speech Pathology
Dentistry (Professional qualification)

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