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International Relations and Development Studies

At undergraduate levels these subjects are often offered as majors within a Bachelor of Arts degree, allowing students to take courses from them while at the same time studying related or complementary subjects such as politics, history and languages.

There are, however, also specialist undergraduate degrees available including the Bachelor of International Relations or Bachelor of International Studies, and the Bachelor of Development Studies. These usually centre on the study of the processes underlying globalisation, including cultural, communicative, economic and political factors.

A semester or a year spent away at an exchange partner university, and/or the study of a second language, is often a core compulsory component of undergraduate degrees in international relations or development studies.

International relations and development studies are an extremely popular choice for graduates looking for postgraduate programmes at Australian and New Zealand universities.

Many students who have studied these subjects or those closely related to them in the UK, and who are looking to establish a career in this field, correctly assume that studying outside the UK will afford them a valuable new perspective on global issues, as well as giving them a real point of difference on their CV.

At Australian and New Zealand universities Master of International Relations programmes will examine international relations theory; international governance and law; international security; international political economy and international history with options to focus on different areas of the world – Asia-Pacific, Europe or the Middle East. Some masters programmes include optional internships, thereby offering you the chance to put theory into working practice.

Specialist Masters programmes are also available in fields including Peace and Conflict Resolution; Development Practice; Human Rights; Diplomatic Studies; Strategic Studies and Cultural Change.

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International and Development Studies


International and Development Studies

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