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Medical degrees in Australia and New Zealand

Australian and New Zealand medical schools have excellent international reputations for quality training and research. Eleven Australian and New Zealand universities are ranked in the world’s top 150 for medicine, according to the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject, with five of them (the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash University, UNSW Sydney and the University of Queensland) placed in the world’s top 50.

Medical degrees in Australia and New Zealand are available as undergraduate OR graduate entry courses. This means that there are some you can apply to during, or immediately after, your final year of school (undergraduate), while for others you must have a bachelor degree in order to apply (graduate entry).

There are as many places available on graduate entry programmes as there are at undergraduate level in both Australia and New Zealand.

To book a free individual counselling session about studying medicine in Australia or New Zealand please contact Study Options.

How do I make an application to study medicine in Australia or New Zealand as a UK student, or someone living and studying in the UK?

First question: Are you a domestic or an international student? A domestic student is someone who holds citizenship or permanent residency of Australia or New Zealand, as confirmed by their passport at the point of application. An international student is a citizen of any country other than Australia or New Zealand!

If you are an international student, you’ll submit your applications via Study Options. Study Options is the official representative of Australian and New Zealand universities. We are a free application support service for students, funded by our university partners to help students through the application process on their behalf. Applications made through Study Options are fast-tracked through university assessments and are (in most cases) exempt from application fees.

If you are a domestic student, please contact the university you wish to study your medical degree at directly to check exactly how, and when, you should make your application. Please click here for more information.

How do I find out more?

To get a full list of the courses available please contact Sarah at Study Options.

Study Options’ course lists give full details of each course’s content and structure, as well as entry requirements, assessment timeframes and deadlines, and costs.

You can also book an appointment to get individual advice from Sarah over the phone or via Zoom. This is a free service (there is no charge for any of Study Options’ support).

Where can I study medicine in Australia or New Zealand?

Undergraduate admission medicine programmes

  • University of Western Australia, Western Australia
  • Curtin University, Western Australia
  • University of Adelaide, South Australia
  • University of Tasmania, Tasmania
  • UNSW Sydney, New South Wales
  • Macquarie University, New South Wales
  • University of Sydney, New South Wales
  • University of Newcastle, New South Wales
  • Monash University, Victoria
  • Griffith University, Queensland
  • James Cook University, Queensland
  • University of Queensland, Queensland
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand

Graduate entry medicine programmes:

  • University of Queensland, Queensland
  • Griffith University, Queensland
  • Deakin University, Victoria
  • Monash University, Victoria
  • University of Melbourne, Victoria
  • University of Western Australia, Western Australia
  • Macquarie University, New South Wales
  • University of Sydney, New South Wales
  • ANU, Australian Capital Territory
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand

Admissions requirements – undergraduate medical degrees

Applications to undergraduate medical degrees are assessed on school grades or scores, plus an interview. Seven of the universities also require international students to take an aptitude test – either the ISAT or the UCAT ANZ. Please contact Study Options for more information about the tests.

Admissions requirements – graduate entry medical degrees

Applications for graduate entry medicine are assessed on undergraduate GPA, aptitude test scores and an interview. The two aptitude tests accepted for Doctor of Medicine applications in Australia are the GAMSAT and the MCAT. There are two medical schools that do not require aptitude test scores. Please contact Study Options for more information.


International tuition fees to study medicine range from around A$50,000 – A$80,000 per year. Undergraduate courses are (usually) 6 years long. Graduate entry courses are 4 years long. It is not possible to use UK Student Finance to fund a medical degree in Australia or New Zealand.