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Student Stories

Bobby Brown

Bobby began studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Queensland in 2013

“My name is Bobby and I am from Welling, which is just on the border between London and Kent. I currently live in a suburb of Brisbane about 15 minutes from the CBD. I study exercise and sport science and have just finished my 3rd year. I chose to study at UQ because I had visited Brisbane before and fell in love with the city. I also have family here.”

“Exercise and sport science involves looking at how the body works in order for us to be able to do various forms of exercise and go about our daily lives. It is a requirement that we undertake 400 hours of practical work during our degree so we are able to experience real-life work in our field in areas of our choice. A usual semester for me will include around 20-25 contact hours per week (hours spent in class) and we are encouraged to spend at least another 10 hours per week studying outside of class. This is more than many of the other degrees that I know of but many of the contact hours are practical-based so are fun. Assessment pieces in my degree are usually written assignments, presentations, written exams or practical exams with most exams done in a two-week period at the end of each semester. If you are well organised and prepared to study when you don’t want to, you will have plenty of time to do anything you like during your degree.”

“Living in Brisbane is an absolute pleasure. I grew up in London, which was always very fast paced, and no one ever seemed to slow down or relax. Brisbane is the complete opposite, there is a much more relaxed feel to life here, something I enjoy. The city is full of beautiful suburbs all within a short distance from the CBD. There are parks everywhere and many cool little coffee shops. Getting around is also very easy thanks to the great public transport system around Brisbane. Since I moved here on my own, I had to make new friends, something that for me was a daunting task. But, once you involve yourself in classes and in clubs and societies around uni, you find yourself with a large group of friends, which allows you to enjoy every part of student life in Brisbane. Clubs and societies and also the university schools will often organise nights out during the semester so everyone can get together and leave the study at home for a night. By the end of the first year, I had a number of groups of good friends through my course, clubs and sports I played outside uni and had met my girlfriend who I have now been with for over a year. I have already recommended to many friends still living in the UK to come and study here for a semester and guaranteed them that they would not regret it.”

“I found Study Options through a Google search and from my first conversation with Alexis; I knew I was in good hands. We exchanged many emails and also had a couple of meetings at their office in London. She answered any questions that I had and then helped me with applying for a visa, applying to study at UQ and sending off any forms that needed to be sent here. I honestly cannot thank Alexis enough for all her and her colleagues at Study Options did for me in leading me to where I am today.”

“If studying in Australia is something you have thought about doing, speak to Study Options before making your decision. After all, it isn’t often you will be living just an hours drive from some of the best beaches in the world or an hour and a half flight from the Sydney Opera House.”