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Student Stories

Daniel McNaughton

Daniel began his PhD at the University of Sydney in early 2018.

“I started thinking about further study after finishing my undergraduate degree in late 2016 and had an interview with my current supervisor while still in the UK. The interview was a success and I was offered a place in the group, but was also informed my supervisor would be moving to the University of Sydney and I would have to come too! Studying abroad was not something I had given much thought to and especially somewhere as far away as Australia. I am a firm believer in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and knew immediately that the chance to pursue my studies in a new environment while also establishing connections across the globe was too good to be missed.

“Having decided to accept the position I was faced with the task of navigating the mire of applications and found Study Options when searching for help online. On a whim I decided to send an email asking how they could help (a free service seemed almost too good to be true) and swiftly received a multitude of advice and guidance. The team were able to tell me exactly what I needed when and where, co-signed my necessary documents, triple-checked all aspects of my application and even arranged my overseas health insurance. I have spoken to many other visitors to Australia who had a number of struggles arranging visas and documents – the time and effort saved by working with Study Options is invaluable.

“I found the transition to life down under a breeze and have loved every aspect of my time here. I live in the heart of Newtown, a 12-minute walk from Sydney Uni and brimming with restaurants, pubs and venues to enjoy. I have been fortunate enough that the chemistry department has a great social buzz and regularly play Aussie rules and 5-a-side with other chemists, and often sample a good Aussie beach. One thing I did find daunting on arrival was the speed the housing market moves in Sydney – you have to be very pro-active in finding a room or they’ll be snapped up from under your nose!

“At just over a year in, I am extremely happy with my decision to pursue further study and to do so in Australia. I feel the move has helped me become more independent, develop many of my professional skills and filled my life with great new experiences and a huge number of international friends. I recommend Study Options highly for how smooth they helped the process become, and have already told a new student joining my group from the UK to drop them an email soon!”