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Research Degrees

Information for research applicants – Macquarie University

Disclaimer: This information is provided in good faith and is correct at September 2021. Please confirm these details with Study Options before making a formal application.

For details of research programmes at Macquarie University (and a detailed guide to the application process for each) please click here

When contacting supervisors we recommend that you communicate your research intent in a concise but well thought through manner – academic staff will receive a lot of similar requests and are only likely to respond positively to the ones that demonstrate commitment and ability. It is also a good idea to attach a CV (no longer than two pages) and a copy of your academic transcripts.

In some faculties they may advertise for research candidates to explore a particular topic. You should check the faculty pages for details of current programmes. A list of the faculties at Macquarie can be found here.

Once you have a positive response from a supervisor, you should contact Study Options,who will send you the relevant application forms and list of required documentation. We are the official representative of Macquarie University in the UK and therefore if you submit your application through us it will be fast tracked through the assessment process. We are a completely free service.

Study Options is able to certify all of your academic documentation and liaise with the admissions teams with regards to your application. Once Study Options has submitted your application it will usually take between 8 and 12 weeks for the assessment to be completed.

If your application is successful, Study Options will assist you with the acceptance and visa process. We can also provide advice and guidance on accommodation, bank accounts and more!