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Research Degrees

Information for research applicants – the University of Queensland

Disclaimer: This information is provided in good faith and is correct at September 2021. Please confirm these details with Study Options before making a formal application.

For general information on the research programmes that are available at the University of Queensland please click here.

If you are interested in undertaking a research programme at the University you need to contact the School or Institute Postgraduate Administrative Officer most relevant to your project.

The Postgraduate Administrative Officer will be able to discuss the suitability of your project and availability of potential advisors. You can find the list of School and Institute contacts here.

A general database of the researchers working at UQ can be found here.

Once you have identified your research interest and liaised with the Postgraduate Administrative Officer with regards to the availability of supervisors, you will need to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’. This form should be submitted to the Postgraduate Administrative Officer in the appropriate School or Institute via email. The ‘Expression of Interest’ form can be found here. The School or Institute will use this form to assess your qualifications and to investigate the University’s capacity to provide you with the relevant supervisors and facilities.

Once you have been invited to apply by the School or Institute you can then submit a formal Application for Admission and Scholarship. This application form will be sent to you by the Postgraduate Administrative Officer. The list of required documentation, including referee reports and an academic CV, will be listed at the end of the Application for Admission.

You should contact Study Options, once you have gathered the required documentation, or if you have any questions about what you need to provide. You should submit your application and documentation to Study Options. We are the official representative of the University of Queensland in the UK and therefore if you submit your application through us it will be fast tracked through the assessment process. We are a completely free service.

Study Options is able to certify all of your academic documentation and liaise with the admissions teams with regards to your application. Once Study Options has submitted your application it will usually take between 8 and 12 weeks for the assessment to be completed. If your application is successful, Study Options will assist you with the acceptance and visa process. We can also provide advice and guidance on accommodation, bank accounts and more!