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Student Stories

Natasha Mason

Natasha started her psychology degree at the University of Western Australia in February 2018

“My decision to move to Perth and go to UWA for my degree has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I decided to do it because I wanted a change from living in the UK, somewhere with a different aesthetic and atmosphere! The culture in Australia is very laid back and different to the UK, which I like.

“The process to apply and get a place at UWA was surprisingly calm and easy, thanks to the Study Options team. Speaking with Stefan was very helpful when choosing my options and getting clarification that I was doing everything correctly and having reassurance and support from Carla was much appreciated! My actual move to Australia was straightforward and very exciting.

“My psychology course is super interesting, and I am also enjoying the broader structure that they offer in degrees here. I am learning things in lots of different fields as well as my major! Most of my lecturers and tutors have been very attentive, kind and accessible through email. The faculty advisors welcome you to come and talk to them if needed, so there is no problem when it comes to seeking help.

“My living situation is the best! College life is what makes this experience so much better, living with new friends and having fun events and clubs within college as well as at university gives you such broad opportunities. I am genuinely having the time of my life and wouldn’t change it for the world.

“My advice would be to look carefully into the living situation which would suit you best, because you will spend most of your time there, and all the colleges have different pros and cons which fit different people’s preferences. I would also advise taking your time looking through courses and reading in detail, because as it is different to the UK!”