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Griffith University Academic Merit and Excellence Scholarships

Griffith University recognises the many uncertainties facing those looking to study internationally in the coming months. To assist students thinking about international study the University has announced a new, simplified international scholarships programme. There are two new categories of international scholarship:

Both these scholarships are available to students on undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programmes at Griffith University and the award will apply throughout the duration of the programme.

Scholarships will be awarded based on your previous academic achievements and winners of the scholarships will receive either a 20% (Academic Merit Scholarship) or 25% (Academic Excellence Scholarship) discount on their tuition fees.

No separate application is required as eligibility will be assessed at the same time as the application for admission to the University. You can download an application form for Griffith University from this page. If you would like to talk through your study options with one of the Study Options advisors, send us a message via our contact form here.