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Student Stories

Stuart Molloy

Stuart is from Perth in Scotland and was studying a Bachelors in English and Latin at the University of Western Australia

“Initially, I fancied studying marine biology and, as I was more willing to picture myself splashing around in the Coral Sea than in the North Sea, I started looking at Australian universities. I ended up changing my mind about what to study and decided to focus on humanities-type subjects, but the change in what I wanted to do didn’t change where I wanted to do it. Studying in Australia, to me, represented the opportunity to experience somewhere different and to really get to appreciate it because I’d be living there for an extended period of time.

“I also looked at UK universities – including St. Andrews, Durham, Cambridge and Edinburgh – as well as two other Australian universities. My decision to go to UWA was based on its overall reputation as an excellent university, and the expertise of its staff. Some of the highlights of my course include being taught English and Latin by people such as the literary critic and creative writer Gail Jones, and Brian Bosworth, who is one of the world’s leading experts on Alexander the Great. I think the presence of such staff gives a real indication of the quality of UWA’s teaching as a whole.

“I think the biggest benefit of studying here in Australia is simply being an international student. Without wanting to sound like a cliché, it’s an experience that gives you much more than a degree. Just by going through the day-to-day in another country, you’re exposed to perspectives that are very different from your own, and that’s probably one of the most useful lessons you can gain in life. Plus, of course, I know that a degree from UWA will be held in high regard by prospective employers.

“Outside of study, I really enjoy living in Perth. Beneath the sleepy, laid-back façade that it presents, it provides a great social life. On top of that, the University has a huge number of social and sports clubs which are administered by the students themselves.”