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Architecture, Building and Construction

There is a comprehensive range of courses available in these subject areas, often referred to as ‘the Built Environment’ at Australian and New Zealand universities.

The Built Environment encompasses courses that look to design, build and manage beautiful, useful and efficient buildings and their environments.

You can choose to undertake professional training in disciplines including architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, construction project management, property development, and surveying.

Courses are also available in areas such as urban development and design, urban policy and strategy, urban planning, building science, and sustainable development.

Architecture – what you need to know about professional accreditation

Students wanting to qualify as architects in Australia and New Zealand will find similar academic training programmes to those offered in the UK. Would-be architects must complete a three-year undergraduate degree (usually a Bachelor of Architectural Studies or Bachelor of Design in Architecture) before going on to a two-year professional Masters (the Master of Architecture); a total of five years academic training.

Programmes in Australia and New Zealand are accredited by the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA). To become a fully registered Architect in either the UK, Australia or New Zealand, you will also need to complete two years of professional practise – this is best done in the country that you intend to register and work as an Architect. You can find out more from the relevant national association below:

If you decide you would like to register and practise in the UK as an Architect, and have completed either your Bachelor or Master degree in Australia, you will need to undertake an ARB equivalency exam at the appropriate level to continue your qualification in the UK.

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Built Environment


Built Environment

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