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Arts, Humanities and Languages

The arts and humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture, context and achievement. They span a huge range of subject areas and enormous timeframes, examining the many different ways in which humans have sought to understand and express themselves throughout history.

Subjects that fall within arts and humanities include languages (both ancient and modern), literature, philosophy, religious studies, history, anthropology, linguistics, history, theatre, art history and theory, classical studies, music, creative writing, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, visual culture (including film and television), women’s studies, politics, international relations, development studies, archaeology, journalism, and media and communication, to name but a few. Many Australian universities can offer undergraduate students a choice of over 50 different subject majors when they enrol on a Bachelor of Arts!

At undergraduate level these subjects would be studied within the Bachelor of Arts, an extremely flexible course that allows you to study courses from different subject areas, if you wish, and build a degree that’s unique to your interests, academic strengths and future career goals.

New Zealand and Australia’s thriving wine industries offer students the chance to study with some of the world’s best wine makers, and get valuable insights into the production, development, and sales and marketing sides of the business – and pick up valuable work placements if they choose. Many viticulture and oenology courses are practical and hands-on.

A Bachelor of Arts in Australia or New Zealand offers UK students the chance to take a broad, more liberal arts approach to undergraduate study. When you enrol on a Bachelor of Arts in Australia or New Zealand you declare a ‘major’ subject. You then have the opportunity to take ‘electives’, subjects from outside your major. This makes it easy to combine the study of different subjects, in some cases even from completely different academic areas – you may be able to take Commerce or Science courses within a BA.

Postgraduate study in these subjects can be undertaken within a traditional Master of Arts, a programme designed to strengthen, deepen and develop a student’s knowledge in a subject – usually a subject that they have already studied to bachelors level.

There are also, however, a range of specific and professional Masters programmes on offer, including Master of International Relations, Master of Strategic Studies, Master of Peace and Conflict Studies, Master of Creative Writing, Master of Arts and Cultural Management, Master of Art Curatorship, and Master of Publishing as well as many more.

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Arts and Humanities
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