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Education and Teaching

You can study Education and Teaching at undergraduate (bachelors degree) and postgraduate (masters) level in Australia and New Zealand.

At undergraduate level Australian and New Zealand universities offer Bachelor of Education degrees, which are usually four years in length. Students can choose to specialise in Early Childhood Education, Primary or Secondary Teaching.

These are professional degrees – students who complete them successfully will be eligible to seek provisional registration as teachers in the country in which they have qualified. Please see information below about transferring an Australian or New Zealand teaching qualification back to work in the UK.

By doing a professional teaching degrees in Australia and New Zealand you will learn how to foster a child’s learning in many different ways; to work with them to develop their creative, intellectual, physical, personal and social potential. Practical experience is a key part of the learning process, and placements in schools are undertaken throughout. 

Graduate Teacher Training Qualifications (Australian and New Zealand equivalents to the UK PGCE)

 You can also apply for teacher training courses if you have a UK bachelor degree.

New Zealand offers one type of postgraduate teacher training qualification: The Graduate Diploma in Teaching. The Graduate Diploma in Teaching is very similar to the UK PGCE in that it is a one-year intensive training programme designed to qualify graduates to teach.

Australian universities offer two types of postgraduate teacher training courses; the Graduate Diploma of Education and the Master of Teaching. The Master of Teaching is usually 1.5 or two years in length. Both are recognised teaching qualifications and completing either will make you eligible to apply for Provisional Registration as a teacher in Australia.

In order to be eligible to transfer a teaching qualification back to the UK, students need to gain Full Registration in the country in which they completed their initial teacher training qualification. Just as in the UK, in order to gain Full Registration Australian and New Zealand-qualified teachers are required to teach for a certain amount of time in an education setting after completing their initial teaching qualification. It is important to bear this in mind when considering your course options. The Study Options student advisors can provide you with further advice – please contact us if you’d like more information.

Australian and New Zealand universities also offer postgraduate qualifications, including the Master of Education, for qualified teachers who wish to pursue professional development programmes. These offer students the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge in a particular area, for example in educational management, special education or educational leadership.

Please note that at postgraduate level ‘Teaching’ courses (eg, Master of Teaching) are generally professional programmes, the successful completion of which will enable graduates to register as teachers. ‘Education’ courses (such as the Master of Education) are focused on the academic study of education. Please check carefully to ensure that the course you apply for will result in the correct outcome! If you are in any doubt, please check with a Study Options advisor.

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