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Marine, Environment and Renewable Energy

Australia and New Zealand are at the forefront of marine and environmental science study internationally. There are a large number of degrees available in these areas at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

At all levels these courses offer you amazing opportunities to access and study the natural environment, often using Australia and New Zealand’s incredible natural surroundings as living laboratories. James Cook University and the University of Queensland both conduct fieldwork at their research stations on the Great Barrier Reef. The waters around Tasmania are considered to be the cleanest anywhere in the world bar Antarctica, making the island (and the university) a huge draw for natural scientists, while Western Australia’s marine environment is a biodiversity hotspot, with up to 80% of the fish, invertebrates and other organisms found nowhere else in the world.

There are a large number of courses available, all with different focuses or emphases. Options include Biodiversity and Conservation, Environment, Marine Science and Environmental Management, giving students the skills to effect practical, positive change in areas including conservation, natural resource management, sustainability, development and planning, aquaculture science and technology, ecology, zoology, environmental and marine geosciences, marine biology and ecology, protected area management and environmental earth science.

Courses are available at all levels, from Bachelors through to taught (coursework) Masters and research programmes including PhD.

One of the most significant environmental challenges all countries face is that of energy and resources management. This is a key area of research focus for many Australian and New Zealand universities and there are excellent Masters programmes available. Depending on the focus of the course, these might fall under a Master of Science or the Master of Engineering.

Courses include Master of Science in Energy Studies and in Energy Management, Master of Engineering Science in Renewable Energy and Master of Science in Renewable Energy, and specialisms include solar energy (photovoltaics), tidal energy and wind energy.

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Environmental Studies
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